The Storyteller Behind the Saga


The Storyteller Behind the Saga

Abraham Daniel Hajjar, a cross-cultural storyteller, born in the USA and raised in Lebanon, now resides in Dubai, UAE. His diverse experiences have shaped a multidimensional worldview that informs his engagement with various subjects.

With an MBA, Abraham has transitioned from midstream field engineering to strategic consulting in oil & gas, utility, and renewable energy industries. His global ventures, particularly in the EMENA region, reflect his dedicated commitment.

Beyond his impressive career, Abraham's true passion lies in storytelling. Influenced by fantasy fiction in his youth, his literary interests now span business, economics, history, and politics. As a fiction writer, he weaves his unique experiences into compelling narratives that resonate across genres and cultures, delving into societal and political themes. Abraham's stories serve as mirrors and windows, inviting readers to reflect and explore alongside his characters.

Balance of the Ancients

After receiving a prophecy from an unexpected source, Ozwald, a young farmer from Azra, sets out to break away from the confinements of his life and discover his true destiny.

But the road ahead is full of challenges, and Ozwald must face them head-on as he grapples with the injustice that forces him to question his beliefs about right and wrong.

The very balance of power and peace put down by the Ancients, a mystical and legendary race, is on the verge of collapse while Ozwald must decide if he is to become what he had never thought possible, to achieve what he most desires.

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